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What is a Jesse Tree?

"Blessed Christmas with the Jesse Tree" is an Advent celebration of the symbolic ,spiritual heritage of Jesus Christ. Your family will love to read and place the ornaments each day on the Christmas banner while learning about God's perfect plan. This family devotional teaches the TRUE meaning of Christmas. It traces the special people and events in the Bible that lead to Jesus' birth.
It is sure to become one of your family's favorite holiday traditions! 

So, Prepare your family to welcome and receive Christ this Christmas!

The Blessed Christmas with the Jesse Tree is a colorful, tangible way for children and adults to understand the true significance of Christmas by focusing daily on the prophecy and fulfillment of Christ the Messiah. By using simple symbols to represent Scripture read each day from November 28th to Christmas day, Your family builds anticipation and appreciation for our Savior. It is easy and fun, meaningful for everyone, and a wonderful family tradition!

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